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Settler attacks on farmers during olive harvest season: the case of AM
11714/04 | documents: 1  |  Updates: 1 On October 21, 2002, AM, a resident of Turmusaya in the Ramallah district, was driving to the olive groves on the village lands to assist in the harvest. Despite prior arrangements with the District Coordination Office (DCO) to provide the farmers protection from setters due to recurring harassments on their part, and although harvesters reported suspect settler activity in the area to both the police and the DCO, soldiers were not sent to the scene. Shortly after, armed settlers arrived at the grove. They beat harvesters, torched cars with hand grenades, and threatened the farmers they would shoot if they approached. AM's truck burnt down completely. With some other harvesters whose vehicles were burning, AM called the police, and they were taken to file complaints, in the petrol car. During the ride, AM identified several of the assailing settlers, but when he tried to inform the police officers, he was ordered to keep silent.  

After a long wait, and with no word regarding his complaint, AM contacted HaMoked. All of HaMoked's attempts to learn what had become of the complaint, and receive a copy of the investigation file, failed. In October 2004, HaMoked filed a civil claim against the state for the damages AM incurred due to the authorities’ negligence in safeguarding the farmers and their property. After negotiations, the parties reached a settlement whereby the state would pay AM the sum of NIS 60,000 for his damages.

During the legal proceedings, the State Attorney's Office notified three settlers, with prior convictions for violence and possession of weapons, that given their involvement in this incident, if the state were ordered to pay the plaintiffs any compensation, it would request the court to order the settlers to pay the sum in full. Criminal proceedings against the three settlers on charges of assault are still pending.  

CC (Jerusalem) 11714/04 - Quq et al. v. The State of Israel
Complaint  |  11714/04   |  20.10.2004
Claim for damages filed by HaMoked against the State for the torching of a Palestinian’s vehicles by settlers during the olive harvest. Despite prior coordination between Palestinian farmers and the military, and despite a call for help during the course of the incident, the State did not guard the olive pickers, and enabled the settlers to run wild, during which they set several vehicles ablaz...
Settler attacks on Palestinians: Compensatory claim filed by HaMoked against the state for the torching of a Palestinian vehicle by settlers while Palestinian farmers were picking olives. Despite prior coordination between the Palestinians and the military, and Palestinian calls for assistance during the course of the incident, the state failed to protect the pickers and enabled the settlers to... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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