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Death of a 14 year old boy by a soldier’s gunfire: the case of MT
20976/98 | documents: 2  |  Updates: 0 On January 25, 1995, Sergeant Uri Weininger and three other soldiers went on an administrative duty to transport flower containers and concrete blocks back to their base. Traveling along the Tulkarem-Nablus road, the military vehicle passed by some students from the 'Ein Beit el Ma Camp boys’ school, who were going home after school. Weininger, who was the commander, ordered the driver to make a detour, turn around and drive back slowly past the students. As the military vehicle approached them a second time, the youths began to whistle and throw stones, none of which hit the vehicle or fell close to it. Although neither the soldiers nor the flowers they were transporting were in any danger, Weininger got out of the car and fired live rounds at the youths. MT, aged 14, was hit by a bullet which entered the back of his thigh and exited the lower abdomen, causing his death. In the military inquiry, held soon afterwards, Weininger said "I wanted to provoke the boys", "I wanted to see who would dare hit me", as well as "I felt it was my duty to do what I did".

The military opted to charge Weininger with negligent homicide, and he was later acquitted by the military court due to reasonable doubt. After the acquittal, HaMoked, acting on behalf of the family, requested the investigation file, and upon its review, filed a civil claim against Uri Weininger and the State of Israel, demanding NIS 210,000 in damages for the killing of MT. Following protracted negotiations, the parties reached a settlement whereby Israel would pay the family NIS 80,000 in damages.

CC 20976/98 - Taha et al. v. Vininger et al. Settlement Agreement
Agreement  |  20976/98  |  28.6.1999
CC 20976/98 - Taha et al. v. Vininger et al. Statement of Claim
Complaint  |  20976/98  |  14.1.1998 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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