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Innocent bystander killed by the border police: the case of MH
1593/98 | documents: 2  |  Updates: 0 On November 8, 1994, while doing his shopping in Ramallah's city center, MH was hit in the groin by shots fired by border police officers who were in pursuit of stone throwers. MH collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where, after about 30 minutes of failed resuscitation attempts, he was pronounced dead. The inquiry conducted by the Binyamin Brigade Commander that same day, indicated, inter alia, that border police officer Oren Partuk was the shooter, and noted that the result of incident "not good due to the killing of a 33-year-old local not known for disturbing the peace". Nonetheless, this report concluded with the statement that the military detail acted "in accordance with orders and regulations it is bound by and expected to follow"

Following HaMoked's demand, the Military Police Investigations Unit (MIU) and the police initiated their own investigation, which was completed one year after MH's killing. In a brief reply, the assistant to the Jerusalem District Attorney informed HaMoked of the decision to close the case due to insufficient evidence. Despite the conclusions of the immediate inquiry performed by the brigade commander, the police found the investigation material to be insufficient "to implicate any of those involved in the affair (among the border police officers) with the death of the deceased".

HaMoked demanded a copy of the investigation material, and after examining it, decided to file a civil claim on behalf of the family of the victim, the sole provider for his parents, wife and seven children. The claim named Oren Partock, the shooting officer, Yehuda Masri, the commander of the force, and the Israeli police. After negotiations, the parties reached a settlement whereby the State of Israel paid MH's family the sum of NIS 420,000.

CC (Jerusalem) 1593/98 - Hamaeyl et al. v. Partok et al. Settlement Agreement
Agreement  |  1593/98  |  4.7.1999
CC (Jerusalem) 1593/98 - Hamaeyl et al. v. Partok et al. Statement of Claim
Complaint  |  1593/98  |  14.10.1998 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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