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Soldiers' shooting at a Palestinian vehicle: the case of HB
6574/00 | documents: 2  |  Updates: 0 In February 1994, the B. family was travelling by car from Jerusalem towards Ramallah. They were stopped at a military checkpoint, near the Alon military base. The soldiers on duty inspected the passengers, and allowed them to drive on. When they were about 500 meters from the checkpoint, shots were fired at their car from the roadside. They stopped the car immediately, but a second round was fired at them. A large group of soldiers, accompanied by a military jeep, approached quickly and ordered the family to get out of the car together with any "weapons and insurgents hidden inside". After a quick search, and realizing there was an error of identification, the soldiers departed.

The car's frame and rear wheel were hit, but the family's foremost concern was for HB, then eight weeks pregnant, who became ill and started bleeding. As her condition deteriorated, the family turned back, and went to the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem. HB was hospitalized and her personal physician determined the incident caused her to miscarry. The next day, HB's sister filed a police complaint about the incident. In addition, HaMoked contacted the military prosecutor for the Central Command, on behalf of the family, in a demand to open an inquiry into the incident.

For the next two and a half years, the military and the border police failed to discover which forces had been involved in the shooting and were about to close the file. In April 2000, HaMoked filed a civil claim against the Defense Ministry. After years of out-of-court negotiations and court hearings, the parties reached a settlement, under which the Defense Ministry paid the sum of NIS 36,500 to the B. family in compensation for their damages, ten years after the event.

CC 6574/00 - Bakale et al. v. The State of Israel Settlement Agreement
Agreement  |  6574/00  |  30.8.2004
CC 6574/00 - Bakale et al. v. The State of Israel Statement of Claim
Complaint  |  6574/00  |  10.4.2000 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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